robyn mctague

10+ year master holistic healer

You will find Robyn McTague’s life story inspirational and aspirational as well as enlightening.

From a traumatic childhood with a depressed, suicidal mother and an alcoholic father; to an early adulthood beset by drug abuse, sexual trauma and a difficult marriage; to a series of near catastrophic illnesses, Robyn is the very definition of a survivor.

However, it was not until Robyn was diagnosed, and ultimately survived breast cancer, that the reasons for her years of suffering became clear. She then understood the scope of groundwork she’d been laying all along.

Not only has Robyn defied the odds, overcoming hardships that would devastate even the most resilient among us; she is now healed and whole.

This had been her spiritual wake-up call!

Robyn’s powerful personal story of transformation may or may not bring you to tears, but it cannot fail to move and inspire you.


  • Certified Dream Coach Since Oct 2016-trained through Dream University
    Marcia Wieder
  • Conflict Resolution Certificate, mediation and negotiation
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Certification in both through the Justice Institute of B.C.
  • Counselling Certificate Vancouver Community College
  • Reiki levels 1 and 2

Experience and Courses

  • Level 1 and Children’s Course Teacher Through Training in power
  • Thought Field Therapy Training Both Basic and Diagnostic with Roger Callahan
  • Reclaiming Selfhood Program through Kwantlen University College
  • Eliminating Interference Patterns of DNA Through Margret Ruby
  • Volunteer Peer Support through Canadian Cancer Society


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