Determine & improve your motivation levels

A Motivational Map is a specific test which figures out your current state of mind, and unknowingly tells you where are in your life.

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Do you know that understanding motivation is a key to unlocking yourself?

Now you can!

You may have taken other assessments in the past, like Colours or Myers-Briggs. Motivational maps are different. This self-perception inventory focuses on motivation rather than personality or reasoning skills. Motivational Maps® is a dynamic, ISO accredited online assessment tool which provides a detailed account of your emotional drivers and impulses. The map does not reflect skills or abilities, there are no good or bad motivators.

By some estimates, 60-70% of behavior is driven by your top 3 motivators that influence your thinking and fall into the 3 clusters of growth, achievement and relationship.

Motivational Maps® is invaluable as your personal guide to your strengths and weaknesses in those three key areas. Your map can pinpoint the sources of your internal conflicts, clarify your behavior and increase your overall confidence.
Once you have completed your personal Motivational Map®, accredited practitioner Robyn McTague will guide you in a detailed follow-up session to create an action plan for your unique, one-of-a-kind profile.


Do you understand what motivates you and why?

Motivational Maps is ISO accredited and the test is completed on-line with a follow up debrief. A survey showed that people thought; easy 92%,accurate 95% useful 97%. Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Edgar Schein’s career Anchors, and the Enneagram.

MM are unique in their simplicity, application and usefulness.

MM look at 9 motivational preferences, the intensity of each, to what degree they are being met, and your current level of motivation:

Personal development
Team performance
Rewards strategies
Appraisal systems


Transform your energy & performance into greater contentment and personal success!

  • Make good career decisions
  • Determine how your motivation is likely to change
  • See how well your current role is fulfilling your core career drivers
  • Develop leadership and coaching skills
  • Achieve greater fulfillment from your work
  • Help clarify what direction you want to go in life
  • Help you make decisions around finances, work, relationships, self- improvement, courses, etc.
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